Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Imagine my surprise

I am more than a little surprised that I am actually liking this new vegetarian diet and really do not see (right now at least) stopping in a year.  I have noticed it takes far less to fill me.  I am not hungry so much.  The variety is endless and quite tasty.  A good friend, Val McGrath, who is supporting me in this and got several cookbooks that are quite full of great recipes:   I have been looking at recipes in these books and Val has cooked some of them for me and all of it has been very good.  I t looks like this with meld well with my love of cooking and might well mean the vegheads eat well at Camp Maccabee next year.  I am already feeling better and have more energy...that might also come from actually sleeping 8 hours a night too :)  So far ,so good.

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