Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cry Havoc and let slip the dogs of war!

I find it interesting that so many times a blogger or really anyone will give an opinion about a politician, athlete, entertainer, or some other public figure and both the defenders and inquisitors will come rushing out, weapons drawn, in a free for all that makes the Battle of Agincourt look like a game of checkers.  Okay, maybe that is a bit of hyperbole, but at times, not much.  Even of Catholic sites, a scorched earth policy will reign in the comments section of a post...try critiquing Michael Voris, Mark Shea, or any other pundit and watch the pandemonium ensue.  Go onto any site and make a comment about Obama, Ron Paul, Sarah Palin, or..well you get the picture...and it's Gettysburg all over again with such ferocity that it makes one wonder if this country can ever pull itself together.  Not every opinion needs to be cause for screaming and battles.  We rarely seem to be able to merely say, "Well, that's your opinion and that is how you see it."  No, No! You must see things the way I see it!!! If you don't then you are a fool, an ingrate, or a whole host of other slurs.  Were people as fierce apologist about faith as they were about politics or punditry, we would be much better off.  If we do come across something that is objectively wrong, then yes, there is a duty to correct this, but to do so with simply laying out the truth instead of laying out the opponent.  We will never get anywhere constructive by treating every differing opinion as a personal attack on my own belief system.  Modern debate can be civil.  To all who get all bent out of shape so easily, remember, there is already a Messiah and the job is permanently filled.  Your hero is not his fill-in or permanent replacement.  In fact, if your hero is seeking to be a new messiah leading us out of the valley of ignorance or heterodoxy or whatever malignancy is out there by his or her  sheer force of will and wisdom, run and do not walk away from that person.  It is my own experience that when I am not following THE Messiah, I will follow any Messiah.  Dangerous stuff, that is.

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