Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A Most Deadly Affair: The Left and Abortion.

I saw a meme not long ago saying that to the left, abortion is the highest sacrament; on par with the Eucharist with Catholics.  Both have as central to the belief the words, "This is my body." I think it holds true.  For the left, a woman's body is hers to do with as she pleases.  A baby in the womb is seen as a parasite on her body, hence, at the disposal of the woman to do with as she sees fit.  In this scenario, the baby in the womb is not a separate entity deserving of any human rights.  No, its humanity is left to the whim of the woman.  You'll notice I am saying woman and not mother; this is to reflect the beliefs of the left.  For the left, abortion is the fail safe should their other sacraments of sexual promiscuity and birth control not work.  Abortion and artificial birth control have the same root on the left: the deadly love affair they have with eugenics.

What is eugenics you ask?  It is a belief that the survival of the human species depends upon the weeding our of lesser traits.  In his book, "The Descent of Man", Charles Darwin  remarked to his dissatisfaction that humanity was the only species that protected its weak and deficient.  Throw in some Friedrich Nietzsche, and some Margaret Sanger, and you have an explosive movement that  became the philosophical underpinnings of the progressive movement.  It was Margaret Sanger who started using birth control and forced sterilization of those seen as 'weeds' and feeble lesser strains of humanity.  Ms. Sanger was a committed racist.  Her organization started spreading clinics throughout the country and world for the expressed purpose of eliminating the lesser strains; placing most of them in in impoverished and minority neighborhoods.  Her organization is a darling of the left, actually its flagship.  No matter what vile things this group does, no matter how deceptive it is, no matter how it targets minorities, the left will always come to the defense of this group and pour tons of money into it,  I am talking, of course, of Planned Parenthood.

Now, mix this with the fact that progressivism is basically slow cooker socialism.  It is patient socialism.  Instead of revolution, it slowly takes over institutions and becomes the norm.  I invite the reader to reader to read Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals."  Paramount to socialism is the providing of everything for the underclasses.  This sounds Christian, correct?  Except for the nasty little reason why they want to provide: if one can strip the ability of a person to provide for themselves, one can have absolute control over them.  This is why gun control is also a sacrament of the left.  One does not want a populace that can defend itself against its oppressors.  It is why the government must have control over everything; it must so burden the populace with laws and regulations as to make dependence the only acceptable outcome.

What do you get with such a mixture of progressivism and eugenics?  The power to enforce eugenics with abandon.  Many of the people that progressivism champions will be the first to be effected.    Doubt me?  Study the history of the rise of communism in Russia and the eastern Bloc, the Chinese Cultural Revolution, the Spanish Civil War, and the rise of National Socialism in Germany.  The death tolls from these events are staggering.  That any country who plays with this snake thinks they will be spared is a country that most certainly will be bitten and injected with the worst of venoms!

Both progressivism and eugenics have an antipathy towards Judeo-Christianity.  They have to.  The view of human life and dignity are so polar opposites, that one can not live freely with the existence of the other. What makes Judeo-Christianity so very dangerous is its beliefs that every single human person has an inherent dignity which must be respected and protected because every single human being is loved by God.  The New Testament especially makes clear that love of God and love of neighbor are so intertwined that to do damage against a person, intentional or unintentional, is an offense against God Himself.  To see humanity as a group to divide and conquer, to balkanize, to pick winners and loser is antithetical  to Judeo-Christianity.  This is why the progressives seek to limit free speech (the love affair with hate speech, micro-aggressions, safe zones) as a tool for quieting dissent,  It is why is is perfectly acceptable to dismiss so many of the arguments against eugenics and progressivism  as religious babble and outdated superstitions.  They must!  That's why truth must be a subjective reality, no matter how inane the claims made.  If all things can be reduced to opinion, all the easier to rid themselves the purveyors of objective truth...especially Judeo-Christianity.

I have news for the progressives and eugenicists: you may be able to rack up quite the body count; you have....hundreds of millions.  You will lose however.  You always do.  Hence, those of the Judeo-Christian faiths: DO NOT BACK DOWN FROM THE TRUTH!  Make no compromises with entities who seek your destruction. Be the wall between these jackals and their prey.  It is so sad to see elements of various Judeo-Christian faiths, including entire churches, who have co-opted the Gospel to try and make some hybrid faith in which the principles of progressivism and eugenics can be given a shiny smiley face; a mask that hides their demonic nature.  They are Judases, plain and simple.

Know who we are up against but do not lose sight of our basic premise  that God does love every single person; the destruction of our enemy cannot be our goal, no the conversion of those who count themselves out enemy.  That can be done without conceding a single iota of ground.  It can be done and gain ground.  Let us not lose sight of who wins at he end.

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